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Leigh Dundas

Renowned Human Rights Attorney

Modern-Day Abolitionist

Fiery Public Speaker

Award-Winning Author

Passionate Defender of Freedom & Civil Liberties

We are living in the some of the most unprecedented times this planet has ever seen. Here and now, atrocities are happening – from the epidemic of child sex slavery and human trafficking, to the erosion of fundamental values and civil liberties in countries both large and small.

The good news?

We have the power to change it.  Heroes are not made in times of peace, and the reality is that we are the heroes upon whom we’ve been waiting.  Armed with information, trained with skills, convicted of courage – and believing without cease that our children and this planet deserve more – we will yet see victory overcome these injustices.

This is my calling, my passion:  to help arm citizens with information, truth, and the moral integrity to make a difference, each in their own unique way.

Because that?  Is not just a thing of beauty … but the real purpose behind our existence on this planet.

~ Leigh

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Leigh DUndas


My Fight for Freedom: From the Brothels of Asia to the Streets of America