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Americans nationwide must confront the fact that a take-over of American values is now upon us.

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In 1956, Khrushchev stated, 

“I will take America without firing a single shot  –  I will destroy her from within.”  

Not 10 years later, in 1963, forty-five Communist goals were openly read into our Congressional Record – to serve as a warning to America about the Leftists’ plans for the USA 

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The communist goals included:

  • gaining control of the schools and teachers’ unions to use as a “transmission belt” for the purveying of current Communist and Socialist propaganda, softening student curriculum, gaining control of student newspapers, and eliminating prayer in schools,

  • discrediting both our Founding Fathers and our Constitution while belittling American culture and history, 

  • dominating psychiatry while perverting the mental health laws to gain coercive control of the population,

  • and last but not least, eroding cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity while simultaneously normalizing promiscuity, homosexuality and perversion as being “normal, natural and healthy”.
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As we swing into 2024, it is readily apparent that the Leftists have achieved many of their goals, particularly those relating to education:  fully 51% of our college-age American youth – when surveyed – indicate they think it would be “cool” to live in a socialist or communist country.  


Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas is fiercely committed to reversing this scene – and teaching not just our youth but citizens the world over – about the beauty and singular importance of what has been referred to as “the great American experiment.” 


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While it is true that the last four years have been a grueling exercise by many average citizens in “holding the fort” against a seemingly endless onslaught of tyranny from Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Government, the reality is also that heroes are not made during times of peace … and that from these unfortunate situations have yet arisen winning agendas and winning forces. 


Indeed, throughout the battles of late, certain truths have emerged.  The most important of which may well be a gospel so self-evident that it is not frequently considered:  namely, that the ability to win anything – be it a game, a war, or a competition – begins always with the right attitude. 

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Put differently, no one charges a proverbial hill feeling like Eeyore and succeeds – it is the “Braveheart” mindset which proves pivotal time and again. 


And when we actually break down the neuroscience behind the “winners” and arm-chair quarterback the “winning” playbooks  –  be they the Navy Seal Team or the corporate CEO… or simply the basketball team that wins 149 times more often than it should given the statistics of the players on its roster – what we rapidly realize is that winning” is not about luck”, nor does it occur at the finish line:  winning – true winning – begins at the belief stage. 

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Better yet?  Winning can be taught.  You read that right: the Psychology of Winners – and their “winning playbooks” – can be broken down into bite-sized steps, and taught in a recipe. 


And this recipe and mindset is what Master Speaker Leigh Dundas will be teaching on behalf of Kairos University over four Saturdays commencing in May, 2024:  The Psychology of Winning. 

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The class is open to all ages and all people, from all walks of life and all belief systems, from all cities and countries. If you are a high school or college student who needs course credit, the cost is $290.


If you just want to attend the class in person, or online without needing any credit for it, then the fee is only $150. (And for another $99 – yes, I’m a-looking at you … my homeschool mom-friends with more than one child:  you can get a second ticket that is good to admit your whole family)!


So do not dither or dally – as this may well be the most important course your child (or you) ever take: because winning is not just a “good idea” these days… it is mission critical to our very survival. Register here as space is limited – and I’ll see you on May 18, 2024!


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