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Leigh Dundas is known the world over for her blazing and fiery speeches in defense of freedom, liberty, and those less fortunate. A force to be reckoned with, she has been touted as a firebrand, a one-woman legal hurricane, a freedom fighter extraordinaire, and – not least – a riveting on-stage magician who never fails to leave the audience electrified with her stories of righting some of the biggest wrongs that have visited the planet this century.

If you are a lover of justice and sitting in her audience, Dundas will without fail have you on your feet – cheering for Freedom and the underdog through multiple standing ovations.  And for those on the wrong side of liberty, the  Dundas name is synonymous with her no-holds-barred, positively nuclear presentations before school boards and oversight committees … that often leave the targeted miscreant resigning or being fired after she excoriates them (as occurred after Ms. Dundas took on the OC Public Health Officer in the Spring of 2021, the second-in-command at the CA Dept. of Public Health in 2019, and most recently, the head of the FAA in 2022).

Having spent the last decade fighting the criminal cartels responsible for running child brothels in war-torn regions of Asia – where radical Jihadis to this day ply their trade by detonating bombs daily, and where local governments often hamstring more than help – Leigh was forced to develop creative “outside-the-box” campaigns in order to succeed on a battlefield where others were failing.  While most attorneys spend their days sitting behind their computers filing lawsuits – which regrettably in today’s Brave New World are often unsuccessful – Leigh has of late instead chosen to dedicate her time and expertise to architecting novel, strategic leverage moves that capitalize on the power of the people at a grassroots level, while simultaneously exploiting her opponent’s Achilles Heels until victory ensues.

To wit, when Orange County was set to adopt vaccination passports in the Spring of 2021 which would have created a modern-day Warsaw Ghetto, Leigh and her husband produced a TV Ad featuring Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav – which ad was then run hourly during primetime on CNN, MSNBC and Fox and served to expose the situation – and which tactic resulted in the successful defeat of the Passport Plan.  Similarly, Dundas was the principal architect behind the Nationwide Walkout – where millions of workers worldwide went on strike against vaccine mandates from November 8-11, 2021 – as well as the coast-to-coast U.S. People’s Convoy in 2022, which protested the White House’s vaccine mandates (both of which campaigns were successful in creating massive pressure on the Executive and Judicial Branches that ultimately helped to defeat the mandates).  For more on the Nationwide Walkout, click here, and to see a recap of Leigh’s taking on the FAA issue, click here (while the letter to the FAA itself can be found here).

All told, Leigh has given more than 100 speeches since March of 2020, speaking to audiences as large as 25,000 people and as small as a handful of committed parents in a church.  She also devoted three straight months of the summer of 2021 crossing the United States multiple times while anchoring the Arise Freedom Tour – touching 50 different cities in more than 25 states.

Cumulatively in the last three years, Leigh has reached more than 100,000 people live, and an additional 20 million people online through podcasts, radio, television and livestream broadcasts.  Dundas is also well-known as one of the brightest stars on Clay Clark’s Re-Awaken America Tour, and is a featured guest at many educational panels, press conferences, and human trafficking seminars.

No stranger to courtrooms or legislatures, Dundas was asked to testify in January of 2022 at the U.S. Senate Building before Senator Ron Johnson concerning the alarming rise in military diseases after the COVID-vaccine mandate, and also previously testified before the California State Senate on similar issues.  Leigh’s first autobiographical book detailing her work as a young attorney, which work led some decades later to her moving part-time to Asia to fight the sex slave industry – and which then culminated in 2020 with defending against attacks on civil liberties and constitutional rights – was released in the Summer of 2023 and can be purchased here.

Without question, Leigh’s most personal and poignant speaking always comes back to a lesson she learned in southeast Asia that she has never forgotten, and that resonates today more than ever:  “When you are facing a locked and loaded, double barreled weapon – full of hate and anger and tyranny and upset – that is ready to do you in, what do you do?  You… Stand… Up.  Always.  Because you are better off standing on your feet and fighting for your life, than ever taking a knee.”

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