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Real Talk

Leigh Dundas is not just a trailblazing dynamo when in front of audiences, she takes unique pride in never giving the same speech twice. A child genius who went to college at age 14 and got into Yale Law School at age 17, Leigh describes herself as a “perpetual student” – who believes that we were all “put on this planet to grow and learn.” A girl who taught herself to read at age three and never stopped, and who then acquired a background in theater, music and sociology during college, today she enjoys mixing those skill sets together by learning about a wide range of unusual topics and then weaving such issues into stories and real-life experiences that make the subjects easily assimilable by audiences young and old.

While Leigh can turn her hand to almost any topic, her favorite categories are the three listed below that touch on:


How Freedom WILL Overcome- and How the Planet Will Also Defeat Human Slavery


How to Have Healthy Bodies & Minds Despite Big Pharma, Western Medicine, and Workplace Bullies


How to Flip the Script and Use Little-Known Psychological Tricks to Defeat Tyrants.

UNforgettable events


Within each of these three main topics that Leigh loves to explore are a host of sub-topics that Leigh has covered over the years – displayed in the chart below. She invites you to tell her your favorites so she can make your event a truly unforgettable one, that leaves your audience not just on Fire for Freedom and Justice, but also armed with the skills necessary to secure same in their lifetimes.

Liberty & Freedom for the Win: Defeating Global Tyranny & Human Slavery in the Modern Age

There’s More Profit In Selling a 7-Year Old To A Sex Buyer Than In Selling Cocaine To An Addict: Why Human Slavery Will Soon Become The Largest Criminal Economy In The World… and What You Can Do About It

“Is It Like a Forced Date, Mama?” Explaining Human Trafficking to Children in Non-Scary and Age-Appropriate Ways While Still Giving Them Much-Needed Tools

Can We Get the Train Back on Track? What To Do When 52% of America’s Youth Think It’d Be Cool to Live in Communist Country

How to Win WITHOUT Lawsuits & Legislation: The Power of Leverage Moves, Bullying the Bully, and Name & Shame

Those Who Don’t Remember History Are Doomed To Repeat It: What The Ovens Of Auschwitz, The Killing Fields Of Cambodia, And Russia’s Gulags Mean For Today’s Society

The Parallels Between Blue State Governors in 2020 & The Rise of the Third Reich in the Late 1930’s

The Holocaust – NOT SOLELY the Result of Hitler:  How Our Need To Scapegoat Blinds Us To Honestly Assessing Our Own Responsibility For Societal Problems

Hitler’s Successes Were a Result of His PR Machine – NOT his War Machine:  Learn How Dangerous PR Tactics Can Be … And How To Identify When Your Government May Be Lying to You

Hitler Also Closed Non-Essential Businesses: What We Can Learn From History

Life Without Election Integrity:  Becoming a Third-World Banana Republic With A “For Sale To Highest Bidder” Sign On Your Country’s Back

My Grandpa Survived Pearl Harbor & My Great-Great Grandfather Was Patrick Henry:  When Carrying Forward a Family Legacy is Non-Negotiable

2020’s Lockdowns and Mandates:  A Pretext for the Biggest Affront to the Declaration of Independence & Constitution That The U.S. Has Ever Seen

False Flag Events:  Their Role In History – And How You Can Learn To Spot And Avoid

Courts of Law:  Trailblazers – Or Cowards that Follow the Courts of Public Opinion?

Black PR:  Smear Campaigns from the Era of Cleopatra to Vietnam

Why Turning the Other Cheek in Totalitarian Regimes Gets You Killed:  Learning to Stand your Ground

Name and Shame:  Not Often Used in Polite Society, but Exceedingly Effective

Tiananmen Square & Its Lessons for Today: Your New Role in America Now That Freedom Isn’t Free

$Healthy Bodies & Minds: What Big pHARMa, Western Medicine and Workplace Bullies Don’t Want You to Know To Survive

What to Do When Your Boss Hangs Your Bra From the Chandelier: Tips and Tricks Derived from True Stories for Women Looking to Defeat Sexual Harassment Before It Happens to Them

Kiddie Vaccines Grown on Monkey AIDS-Infected Tissue: What pHARMa Does NOT Want Parents to Know about the Childhood Vaccine Schedule

Masks Worn Right Can Kill: It’s Not About Virtue Signaling or Viruses – It’s About Not Having Your Child Die

We Are Living Through A Genocide: How To Identify the Risks In Order To Ensure Your Family’s Survival

How the FAA Sold Out the Pilots and Passengers They Are Charged With Protecting: The Untold Story of Vaccine Mandates in the Airline Industry

Why America Has Worse Maternal-Fetal Mortality during Childbirth than Cuba and Croatia – and Other Things the Medical Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know about Childbirth, Raising Healthy Kids, and Living Pain Free Throughout Old Age

Flipping The Script: How Little-Known Psychological Phenomena Can Be Used To Defeat Tyrants

Social Distancing – NOT Social and NOT Harmless – But Rather a CIA Technique That Is More Effective at Psychological Destruction of Humans than Physical Torture & Starvation

The Dark Side of Humankind’s Neurological Tendency To Be Obedient: Learn What the Stanley Milgram & Stanford Prison Riot Experiments Portend For Us in this Global Era of Restricting Liberties – and How to Survive & Flourish Anyway

What You Don’t Know About The CIA – Operation Mockingbird, MK Naomi & Operation Midnight Climax: When Truth Indeed Became Stranger Than Fiction

The Incredible Power Of Hope: What We Can Learn From Rats Who Were Given Hope… And Then Refused To Die

Upping your Odds of Survival during Catastrophes: The Unique Characteristic Shared by Medal of Honor Winners, Navy Seals, and Immigrants from Totalitarian Regimes

What We Can Learn from the Bosnian War: Useful Prepping Strategies To Survive A Modern-Day Societal Meltdown

The Six Insidious Steps Totalitarian Regimes Use to Take Over Free Societies – and How to Avoid Them

Bystander Effect: Why Good People Often WON’T Help – and What You Can Do To Avoid Falling Into the Trap

Of Dart Guns & Poisons: The Little-Known CIA Program Code Named MK Naomi that Used a Secret Dart Gun to Kill People with Shellfish Toxin

Do Our Brains Shape Our Words, or Do Our Words Shape Our Brains? What We Can Learn From a Class of Kindergarteners Who Bested a Group of MBA Students… and Pilots Who Survived “Unsurvivable” Engine Failures


Speaking & Fundraisers

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